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Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Zumba® Fitness Indonesia - FORMI & Minister Sport of Indonesia

Thanks to,

Minister Sport of Indonesia and FORMI, with an open hand accepted Zumba Fitness as Their Group in Indonesia Sport community to help Zumba Fitness to promote and protect Zumba Fitness branch in Indonesia. Lead by Jun Ko Agus and Legal ZIN Indonesia Maikel Roni and support by all ZIN Zumba Fitness Indonesia Team, Indonesian Citizen of Indonesia. We love ZUMBA and we want to spread Zumba Fitness in Indonesia  and help Zumba Fitness grow as well as ZIN member like others country. We are ZIN Indonesia been working hard and do everything we can to make it happen. We want to help each other hand in hand each ZIN member in Indonesia  to Promote Zumba Fitness for free in any event to make Zumba Fitness success in Indonesia. With our dedicated Indonesia Zumba Team we are together to help Zumba Fitness Indonesia. Is our passion, Our Love, Our dedication to Zumba Fitness. Hope people respect in appreciate what we do to reach our goal to fill the world emptiness with Zumba Fitness. 

Zumba Fitness Indonesia

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