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Kamis, 10 November 2011


Thanks to all ZIN Indonesia who help this Zumba B1 Training SOLD OUT!! before the training begin. Still so many people that call me and request to put their name in for this first Zumba certification training at GOLD'S GYM in Jakarta, Indonesia with Maria Teresa Stone. But is too full and I have to organized another training in the futures to make more ZIN members in Indonesia to help Zumba Fitness to spread and share my Zumba Love to everyone. Ask what Tanya Bearsdley saids to me no body Superstar in Zumba Fitness just share your Zumba Love to everyone and people will Love you, laugh with you, smile with you, shake with you but remember do it with passion always. My dream would be bring Beto to Indonesia and show Beto that Indonesian Loves Zumba for the passion, because your key of success is your Passion. I will bring Beto here if all ZIN members in Indonesia can work hand in hand together and make everyone infected with Zumba fever. And I am willing to lead all the ZIN in Indonesia to get there and inspired them all with my passion by Jun Ko Agus, Jakarta City, Indonesia.

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